Costly Repairs for Your Houston Home

If you are preparing to list your home for sale, you may be taking a closer look at its condition and making a list of everything that needs to be done to make it desirable to potential buyers. In some cases, these tasks may be cosmetic. For example, a real estate agent may have suggested that you repaint all the walls a neutral color for broader audience appeal. In other cases, the necessary fixes may be more extensive, such as roofing repairs, patching or replacing damaged siding and more. After you’re done inventorying everything you’ll need to do to increase its chances of being sold, you may be astounded by the total estimated cost.

Other Costs Associated With Selling a Houston Home

The total cost to repair or restore your home may tally into the thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars. Even if you trim the list down to the bare minimum of repair work needed, you may still be looking at a large figure - and that still represents only a fraction of the amount you’ll have to put into selling your home. Another rather large expense that may add on thousands of dollars (or more) to your total moving expenses is the real estate agent fee. You may have to pay between four to six percent of the final sale price.

When You Do Not Have Money to Repair the Home

The unfortunate reality is that some people may not be able to sell their home simply because they cannot afford to make the required repairs. The best solution is to locate a buyer who will purchase the home quickly and in its current state, no questions asked. Texas Home Buyers will schedule an appointment with you to tour the home and provide you with an offer within 24 hours of assessment. No real estate agent fees are required. Quick sells allow you to spend more time and energy on other things; they eliminate the stress and high cost of making repairs, staging, listing and working with a realtor.

A cash offer process may be a better option for some people, and you can request a cash offer to determine if this is the best way to sell your house. Contact Texas Home Buyers in Houston today for a stress-free move.

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