We have a true passion for people.

The Texas Home Buyers team dedicates itself to making sure your home is sold quickly and you get your cash immediately. Our team of experienced real estate experts have helped hundreds of clients get fast cash for their homes. We’ve been the trusted Houston home buyer for over 20 years.



Texas Home Buyers was founded by Geoffrey Giering in 1995, and he continues to take an active role in how the company operates on the day-to-day. He hires employees, supervises repairs, and conducts negotiations. Giering is committed to making sure Houstonians who need to sell their homes – regardless of circumstances – get their money fast.


Since 1995, we’ve helped people in the Houston area sell their homes, commercial properties, lots and land quickly and painlessly. We’ve bought numerous homes from countless individuals and families, and taken care of the necessary paperwork, renovations, restorations, repairs, fixes, and cleaning. We are proud of our ability to help our customers get the cash they need by selling their home quickly.