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At Texas Home Buyers we buy homes, lots, commercial units, and other properties from Houston area home owners who need a quick and painless turnaround. If you’ve got a home to sell in the following areas, we’re looking to buy:



We take market value into consideration when determining our final offer. “Market value” refers to how much comparable houses sell in the same – and nearby – neighborhoods in recent months. It’s what buyers might expect to pay without variables like condition, additions, improvements and other like factors taken into consideration.

Market value changes are based on supply and demand, as well as what buyers are willing to pay for a property. It is not contingent upon the quality of your home.


By contrast, “assessed value” is determined by the county’s tax assessor’s office. The condition of your property’s exterior will contribute to the assessed value of your home, though the interior is not a determining factor. Assessed value also determines how much you will pay on your taxes during the given year. You can appeal the assessment in the event of structural damage, major internal repairs and a discrepancy between your assessment and those of similar homes in your area.

Find the tax assessment office for your county:


Texas Home Buyers looks at a number of different factors, not just market value or assessed value, to determine an offer on your home, including:

  • How much it will cost to make all the necessary repairs
  • The condition of your home’s interior and exterior
  • How much it will cost to clean and upgrade your home, if necessary
  • Encumbrances that may impede title clearing, such as mortgages, liens, back taxes, etc.

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